Lawyers Selling Real Estate

Lawyers Selling Real Estate

We are part of the ACRES Group.

We have contracted an experienced professional Real Estate salesperson and we have our own Real Estate consultant to ensure you receive the best Real Estate service.

ACRES is a marketing system which makes selling straight forward and gives you the security of having the process managed by your trusted solicitor. At the same time you receive the best legal advice and your interests are fully protected. The result is more cost effective selling and professionally drawn agreements. Potential problems are addressed before marketing.

Traditional and innovative marketing services are contracted such as signage, internet (incl Trade Me), newspapers and open homes.

This Real Estate sales service for clients has had spectacular success with properties sold at auction at prices in excess of clients expectations, properties sold within 3 days, and properties sold on the first open home, as well as properties sold after hard fought bargaining

Proven most effective marketing tools in NZ are signage,internet and open homes. Newspapers do have a place for some properties.

Our offices and fixed overheads are paid from our Legal practice and because neither we nor our contracted salesperson need listing agents, managers, and franchisees, and neither we nor our contracted salesperson charge on a commission basis, we are able to offer this service at a considerably lesser cost. The total of our fees and our contracted salesperson's fees save thousands of dollars from that of commission sales fees. For mid-range houses, savings in excess of $10,000 are common. The higher the sale price the greater the saving. High end priced properties can save 50% or more on the usual commission sales fee.

The total of our fee and our contracted salesperson's fee covers everything in the sale process, including site visits, meetings and attendances with you, and discussions and telephone calls until an agreement for sale of the house is signed. No hidden charges. You know exactly what it will cost you right from the start.

For example a house valued at $700,000 would be a total sale cost of $12,500(incl GST) plus marketing costs chosen by you.
Usual legal conveyancing costs and disbursements apply from after a sale agreement is signed.

Speak to us as to how we can help you market your property. You will not be disappointed or pressured by us.

Contact your usual adviser at Murdoch Price or contact Barbara Voulk, our in-house Real Estate Consultant and client liaison person. You can contact her at 021 215 1099 or send an email to and she will contact you. Barbara has had previous experience in real estate and management. For Barbara's profile. click here>>>

Our contracted professional real estate sales person of more than 20 years experience is Kim Hemus at phone-552 2419 or mobile -(021) 838 411. For Kim's profile. click here>>>

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